Faculty Highlights 2014-15

 Dimitris Achlioptas gave a keynote address at the 2015 International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT).

Scott Brandt was named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors and won the Best Paper award at ECRTS.

Yihsu Chen won Best Publication award in Sustainability at the INFORMS 2014 ENRE (Energy, Natural Resources & the Environment).

David Draper was elected fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

Gabe Elkaim became a founding member and executive committee member of the new CITRIS People and Robotics initiative.

Lise Getoor was a keynote/invited speaker at a number of conferences: The International Conference on Scalable Management of Uncertain Data in Quebec City; the European Semantic Web Conference in Portoroz, Slovenia; the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) in Austin, Texas; European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practices of Knowledge Discovery in Databases in France.

Lise also won Best Research Paper Award, SIAM Data Mining Conference, and – with students Farnadi and Bach – Best Student Paper Award at the International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming.

Arnav Jhala and his student Sarah Harmon won aBest Student Paper award and were runners-up for the Best Paper at the International Conference on Computational Creativity.

Phokion Kolaitis and Wang-Chiew Tan (and co-authors) won a best paper award at the International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) 2015.

Phokion Kolaitis also received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Athens, Greece and an Outstanding Innovation Award from IBM Research Division.

Sri Kurniawan opened up the CAVE lab, a project funded by the NSF MRI program, offering immersive virtual reality tools for research and teaching.

The Mary Katherine Long Endowed Scholarship Fund is now at $108K. Scholarships are given to low-income women who want to pursue engineering and science education at UCSC.

Roberto Manduchi and his PhD student Michael Cutter were awarded Best Student paper at DocEng 2015 for Towards Mobile OCR:  How to Take a Good Picture of a Document without Sight.

Ethan Miller was elected Fellow of the IEEE.

Ethan Miller and Darrell Long won two best paper awards in 2015.

Dejan Milutinovic received a summer Faculty award from the Control Science Center of Excellence, Air Force Research Laboratory.

Marco Rolandi became an editor of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s RSC Advances.

C. Seshadhri and co-authors were Best Paper Finalists at the World Wide Web Conference (WWW) 2015 for the paper, "Finding the Hierarchy of Dense Subgraphs using Nucleus Decomposition.”

Wang-Chiew Tan gave an invited keynote and tutorial at Web Age Information Management 2015.

Marilyn Walker gave a keynote at SEMDIAL at the University of Goteborg in Sweden in August.