Baskin Engineering faculty success highlights_2014-15

David Draper and his colleagues at Stanford were awarded a $3.9 million NIH grant to measure quality of care in California’s neonatal intensive care units and to identify racial and ethnic differences in quality of care.

Pascale Garaud and Nic Brummell collaborated to win an NSF grant to study convection in stellar and planetary interiors.

Pascale also received an NSF award to study stratified shear instabilities and she secured a generous gift from the Kavli Foundation to support a summer program in astrophysics, to be hosted next year at UCSC.

Qi Gong received a grant from NPS to advance technology on mitigating uncertainty in space control systems.

Raquel Prado received an NSF award to advance knowledge on the neural basis of human and animal behavior, and also collaborated with Athanasios Kottas to win an NSF grant on new statistical methods for analysis of complex brain signals.


Bruno Sanso received a three-year grant from the NSF DMS stats program.

Daniele Venturi (new AMS faculty) won two awards since July: one from AFOSR and one from DARPA.

Mark Akeson and David Deamer got an award from Oxford Nanopore Technologies to develop nanopore-based techniques for RNA and Protein Sequencing.

Phil Berman brought in a major award from NIH to support HIV antibody research.

Camilla Forsberg won some sizable NIH awards, one from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and one from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Ed Green and team started up the UC Santa Cruz Training Program in Genomic Scienceswith a grant from NIH.

David Haussler and team won two foundation awards (Keck and Simons) for the Human Genome Variation Map.

Jim Kent received support for the UCSC Research Mentoring Institute: An Initiative to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in Genomics Research.

Arnav Jhala was funded by the DARPA Collaboration with Computers (CwC) program to develop intelligent agents that collaborate with humans in creative production processes such as filmmaking.

Sri Kurniawan collaborated with UC San Diego to win an NSF grant using bio-electronics, computer vision, computer gaming, machine learning, and HCI techniques to develop a home-based physical therapy assistance system for stroke survivors.

Jose Renau received an NIH grant for Non-Invasive Magnetic Nanothermotherapy and an NSF grant for Efficient Cascode Power Supply Systems.

Ricardo Sanfelice won a three-year highly competitive AFOSR grant for research on hybrid systems theory that will enable robust autonomy in complex networks.

Dimitris Achlioptas was funded by NSF to study endotropic methods.

Darrell Long won a three-year award from NSF for improving storage system performance on large-scale, high-performance computing systems.

Carlos Maltzahn won a large NSF grant to build a “big weather” infrastructure for weather prediction research and education.

Carlos Maltzahn and Scott Brandt brought in a $2.5M gift to found the Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) and establish an endowed Chair in Computer Science.

C. Seshadhri (“Sesh”) received a subcontract award with Sandia National Labs for "Accurate Characterization of Real Networks from Inaccurate Measurements.”


Joel Kubby received awards from UARC, NSF, UCOP and the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (for a Cal-BRAIN funded project on brain imaging).

Marco Rolandi (new EE faculty) was just recently awarded a $1.5M grant from the Cyborgcell program.

Holger Schmidt won a variety of awards from NIH, NSF, Samsung and CITRIS in the areas of nanomagnet-based spintronics and integrated biosensors.

Ram Akella received a number of faculty and other awards, including the 2015 AOL Faculty Award in Data Science and Big Data Analytics, the NativeX Faculty Award, an HP faculty grant, and an NSF planning grant for the I/UCRC program.

Yihsu Chen (new TM faculty) was the recipient of two awards: one from the California Department of Water Resources to design a thermal desalination system and one from NSF to look at power and water systems.

And congratulations to everyone else who successfully competed for awards over the last year: Luca de Alfaro, Allie Fletcher, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Lise Getoor, Roberto Manduchi, Michael Mateas, Ethan Miller, Nader Pourmand, Wang-Chiew Tan, Mircea Teodorescu


BSOE faculty and researchers brought in $38 million in contracts, grants and gifts!