General Information


BSOE and UCSC offer support for finding, obtaining and managing funding in support of research and teaching. These services fall into two categories: pre-award and post-award. Pre-award services include support such as individualized funding opportunity searches, proposal preparation support, budget preparation and proposal review and submission. Post-award services include budget tracking, review and approval of transactions, and other "award administration" functions.

Proposal Preparation Support

Primary Contact:

Karyn Skemp
Research Development & Grants Program Manager

  • Help locate funding sources
  • Edit/write/proofread proposals
  • Prepare charts, diagrams and other figures
  • Source literature and statistics to support proposal
  • Maintain grant and proposal support pages on BSOE website
  • Assist with proposal writing best practices
  • Facilitate workshops and tutorials
  • Background research on recently funded projects
  • Brainstorming sessions and kickoff meetings
  • Prepare proposal schedules and outlines
  • Manage multi-investigator proposals
  • Compile and format final proposal
  • Obtain or draft letters of support
  • Contact Program Officers
  • Create templates, for biographical sketches, current and pending, etc.

Support available from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Primary Contacts:

  • Jennifer Chu, Proposal Analyst (pre-award):  proposal support, including all aspects of the initial proposal set up and submission process.
    Scotts Valley Center
    100 Enterprise Way, Room 3205
    Scotts Valley, CA 95066
  • Lynn Crowder, OSP Grants Officer (post-award): review, acceptance and processing of new awards, as well as post award actions which require agency prior approval.

The Office of Sponsored Projects is UCSC's institutional office responsible for reviewing, endorsing and submitting all proposals to extramural sponsors for research, training and public service projects.

Other institutional responsibilities include:

  • negotiating and accepting awards on behalf of The Regents;
  • drafting, negotiating and executing subawards;
  • ensuring institutional compliance with Federal and State regulations, sponsor policy and University policy;
  • representing the campus and The Regents when interacting with sponsors;
  • coordinating pre-award and post-award actions that require either institutional or sponsor prior approval including award close-out;
  • preparing research activity and associated reports; and,
  • resolving problems related to sponsored projects.